Virtual Call Center Hiring Contractors to Work From Home

April 6, 2020 (DETROIT, MI)- Make Your Dreams Come True (MYDCT) Hiring contractors to work from home globally, now accepting applications. Make Your Dreams Come True served as an aid to many contractors globally providing short term, long term, contingent, full-time and part-time jobs. Check out to apply today.

In the early 2000’s, the world could not believe that you could work from home for Fortune 500 Companies. Natasha Lee owner, MYDCT educated thousands both locally and globally educating them at universities and seminars on work from home opportunities. During the recession in 2008, it hired over 700 contractors, but also helped hundreds start their own virtual call centers including the visually impaired. Over a decade of innovative opportunities to work from home MYDCT is currently bridging the gap to build and create jobs for those during COVID-19 Pandemic. Nearly 50% of company lay-offs and unemployment on the rise MYDCT provides resources on working from home during the Corona virus crisis.

It's perfect for anyone 18 years or older. 400 Customer Service Contractors to process inbound/outbound calls for Fortune 500 companies, 25 Website Designers and train 100-200 people per month. Lee generated 1 million dollars in sales within 6 months processing phone calls for BUDCO in Highland Park, MI before becoming an award-winning CEO, ultimately making her dreams come true. Lee decided to start a BPO firm offering services ranging from Call Center Services, Business Consulting, Website and Logo Design (Wix Partner), Virtual Assistance, Project Management, Marketing, training, and much more. For a decade the team has worked from home and created virtual solutions for corporations, educational institutions, small businesses, professionals, and anyone desiring to learn a new trade. While many are petrified about the economy and/or the virtual world, MYDCT are experts in this field and prepared to help our economy heal with services and opportunities.


More Info: How can someone apply? Visit, contact HR Luz Duenas at

How much can someone earn? Depending on the position between $10.75 and $20 per hour. We are hiring anyone in the USA who meets individual job description needs.

Training is also available: Between 2008-2012 we offered work from home training to individuals 17- onward, the visually impaired, high school students and college students who are allowed to work from home and from their college campuses.

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