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Human Resources Generalist

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About the Role

-Recruits, interviews, and facilitates the hiring of qualified job applicants for open positions; collaborates with hiring managers to understand skills and competencies required for openings

-Creating onboarding plans and educating newly hired employees on HR policies, internal procedures, and regulations

-Assists with job posting and advertisement processes

-Schedules interviews; oversees preparation of interview questions and other hiring and selection materials. Tracks, monitors, and reports on the status of all open requisitions

-Assists with the interview process, attending and conducting interviews with managers, directors, and other stakeholders

-Manages all interview tools, including job descriptions, interview questions, assessment results, and new hire packets

-Maintains applicant tracking for all business groups

-Supports onboarding of new hires, including background screening, I-9 processing, payroll setup, namely system setup and administration, benefits setup, IT setup, workspace setup, and scheduling of onboarding meetings.

-Ensures compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations, and company policies.

-Creating employee engagement plans, getting necessary budget approval, and initiating activities

-Collaborating with outside vendors, upper management, and employees to maintain CSR standards conscripted by authorities

-Evaluating employee performance and appraising their pay scale accordingly

-Taking appropriate disciplinary action against employees who violate rules and regulations and addressing employee grievances


-Knowledge of administrative tasks and responsibilities

-Excellent verbal and written communication skills

-Advanced computer skills, including data entry, data processing, communication tools and payroll and human resources software

-Problem-solving skills and resourceful thinking

-Leadership and coaching skills

-Strong empathy and interpersonal skills

-Detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills

-Attention to detail and analytically driven

-Ability to foster teamwork & collaboration

-Organizational astuteness

-Self-starter attitude

-Ability to be fluid and adaptable to our changing priorities and needs

-Maintains high level of confidentiality

About the Company

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